Drew League 2018 Championship Game With KOBE Watching! NEW Drew League Champs EARN It The Hard Way! (Sports)

DREW LEAGUE 2018 CHAMPIONSHIP WITH KOBE BEAN BRYANT IN THE BUILDING! Scottie Pippen, Scotty Pippen Jr, Shaqir O’Neal, Shaunie O’Neal, Josh & Caleb Christopher, Tracy Mills, Bruce Bowen, Marcel Chappel & more show up to watch the finale of the 2018 Drew League season, with Redemption facing off against Nation Wide Souljas! Cuttino Mobley representing for the retired NBA players, and came out and got a couple buckets and had Kobe laughing with Scottie Pippen! Jonathan Gibson and Chuck Garcia lead Redemption in a huge comeback after the Souljas jumped out to an early lead. Big Baby no where to be found!

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