Maya Anderson is a 26 years old Yoga Instructor from Reserve, Louisiana. This Leo has been in Baton Rouge for over sixteen years now and is proudly establishing herself through her heritages. (She is Latina, Nicaraguan and African American.) Blessed with the opportunity to attend Southern University A & M on a full Track and Field Scholarship, Maya received her bachelors in Psychology. Continuing her education, she attended the University of the Southwest to receive her masters in Mental Health Counseling. This educated, hardworking, free spirit is using her position in yoga to spread awareness about the art of yoga. She states, “I teach classes for free simply because I want to spread the word about yoga and all the benefits it offers.” In addition to being a fitness outlet, Maya seeks the opportunity to be an advocate that represents versatility for all African American females. She says, “Beauty to me is passion. I feel that if you’re passionate about something, including yourself, that’ll bring out the beauty and light in it. A light that others can see. Beauty is celebrating the power and resilience within yourself.  I feel as though we have a pure, unadulterated dopeness about ourselves as black women; that alone is beautiful.”

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