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On Saturday August 5, 2017 at 3:00 PM, artist and DJs from all over the south gathered for an exclusive event at Industry Standard Studios. “The Plugged In Listening Party” was presented by In Your Ear Hole Productions,,, and Jeanisis Clothing. The groups teamed up in order to take an exclusive peek into In Your Earhole Productions’ latest project. With the “I Can’t” video officially prepared for viewing, the event kicked off with a red carpet and photo-op. From there, drinks, laughter, and good vibes filled the room as DJ Cool Cat provided the tunes for the evening’s festivities.

Screenshot_20170813-121918DJ Chilly Chill takes to the floor thanking everyone for their attendance and encouraging them to help themselves to the food prepared and self-service bar. Allowing the room to fill, artist such as Lil Mike, Legend Made, Joe Scott, B…

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