B&BS Podcast Episode 18 (Basketball Season Finale!!)

[mixcloud https://www.mixcloud.com/BasketballAndBS/bbs-podcast-episode-18-basketball-season-finale/ width=100% height=120 hide_cover=1 light=1] The latest episode of the B&BS Podcast is up.

On this episode they discuss the winners, losers, and teams that make you go WTF, as they wrap up the last of NBA free agency (until Lebron and JR signs). They preview the 2016 Olympics and break down the teams USA will face. They also discuss ways to improve the USA Basketball selection process. Finally ,in the bball section, we review the 2016 Summer League and we take a peak in the WNBA.

B.S Section: Durant says stop lying on him. Westbrook being Westbrook. What the hell is going on with Draymond Green? They discuss James Harden goons. An eagles player attacks a Miami hotel employee. Roger Goodell hates the show Ballers. We discuss Darryl Strawberry recent trip down memory lane. An Iowa football has a police encounter during pokemon go. They also talk about NBA and WNBA activism, Charlotte losing the All Star Game, and we end with the good stuff.

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