Floyd Mayweather Jr Vs Marcos Maidana Predictions

Floyd Mayweather Vs Marcos Maidana PPV Predictions

Tonight we have one of the biggest events of the year in Mayweather Vs Maidana. Floyd’s returning to the ring after back to back shut out victories over Robert Guerrero and Canelo Alvarez while Marcos Maidana is coming off an upset victory over Adrien Broner. A lot of people predict the fight will be a shut out but with Maidana’s power he could possibly shift the fight to his advantage. With Mayweather getting up in age we never know when age will catch up to him.
Personally, I think Floyd is in line for another shut out fighting Maidana. I think Maidana will have a better fight then probably both Guerrero & Canelo but I don’t think Maidana is simply skilled enough to fight Floyd effectively for 12 rounds. I could see Maidana stealing 2-3 rounds at the most but Floyd’s ring generalship is something that Maidana has yet to see.
Even in the Maidana-Broner fight I didn’t truly see Broner get dominated badly. Broner didn’t use any footwork, came straight forward at Maidana, and Maidana still couldn’t put Broner out for the count. I felt in certain rounds when Broner let his hands go and actual threw punches he made a pretty decent fight out of it. I think Floyd has the skills to where he’s going to do all of this and with better defense on top of all that. While I don’t think this is the same Maidana that lost to Khan since he’s improved dramatically since that fight I simply don’t think he has enough skills to keep up with Mayweather. I think Maidana will make the fight interesting but he’s going to lose this fight. I have Mayweather winning this fight by unanimous decision with possibly a knockdown in the middle rounds by Mayweather.
Mayweather by unanimous decision

Undercard Predictions

Also, I have Khan and Broner winning both of their bouts tomorrow night even though I am rooting for Collazo to win the fight against Khan. I just think if Khan plays it smart he’ll win the fight and with Broner I think he’s simply too big for this guy and will mow him down like he did guys at the lighter weights he was at previously before jumping up to welterweight.

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