Take That Monkey Ish Off Vol. 2

Cycling through some of my favorite sites (NikeTalk Vine, Instagram, etc.) we run across some of the most embarrassing and trifling things across the internet. We for one don’t condone it or appluad it but we must put it on blast and be the voice to let you know “to take that monkey ish off you embrassing us”.

Come on son Bump N Grind & Gospel together. What’s next? Pop it for Allah? Buss it for Buddah?
Hood Rat
Well damn. I must say this edition of TTMIO is really leaving me speechless.
Judge Joe Brown be on there talking all that shit on TV and look at him on this video. I don’t even have anything slick to say about it…
This reminds me of a time when I was in college. I walked into a computer lab late in the day and two (yes two) dudes were huddle up together by a computer looking at porn together. When we walked in the lab they didn’t know we were behind them. Once they turned around and found out we knew they were watching porn they damn near shitted on themselves.  This guy here looks like a single damn was given. He said I gotta get it whenever and where ever.
I’ll let the gif speak for itself.

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