Songs That Should Of Took Off: Baton Rouge Edition (Rap)

Baton Rouge has had a lot of records where it would get constant play in the clubs for years, but never make it to a nationwide level. These are some records that we felt should of really took off and went nationwide.
1. Level – In Dat Thang – This is probably my sleeper track. This was a song that I thought should of really took off and was actually better than Iz U Wet Yet. I think this is one of those records if he was ever to hit the nationwide scene he ought to re-do it and bring it back out.

2. Down Bad – Keep Rollin – One of the original pill popping songs.  You would literally have to come to Baton Rouge and surrounding areas to see how crazy the crowd gets when this record comes on. It’s eaisly  the track that put Down Bad on the map in Louisiana.
3. Sam I Am – Jiggalate – THE ORIGINAL JIG SONG.  This is the record that started the Baton Rouge Jig movement.  This record had so many spin offs and similar tracks made after this. It’s amazing to know that this record is now over 10 years old. Seems like yesterday when we was jiggin to this track.

4. Max Minelli – Do Ya Thug Thang – A lot of younger kids might not know, but at one point in Baton Rouge when it came to popularity Max Minelli and Lil Boosie were neck and neck. You could aruge that Max’s catalog might even be stronger than Lil Boosie’s. This song was so hot at the time he even did a remix with Mystikal around the time when Mystikal was one of the top artists in the industry.

5. Nussie – They Hate My – Nussie had one of the strongest movements you will see on a local scene. He manage to make his own movement and do it his way. One thing about Nussie was that he was original, funny, but respected at the same time.  The whole “Good Bad Guy” album has records on there that will live forever in Baton Rouge.  Between Dumb Way, Yeah, & They Hate My Nussie legacy will live on.

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